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I was leaving KFC near where we live and I walked past this supercute short girl with dark hair wearing sexy glasses (ooooooooh ;) ) lugging a suitcase.
I like to qiickly look back to a girl that catches my eye, and I have to say I was not disappointed;
she was wearing ill-fitting, loose pumps, so as she walked her shoe s slipped off her cute little feet exposing her gorgeous soft smooth-looking soles (well, her left foot anyway).
But my dear Lord, her little feet were so gorgeous, definately something to imagine and think back to ;)
Hey guys its been a while - guess what? I saw something beautiful today (18/04/16):
I was outside work at 13:00 where next to me is a servery/kiosk, at about 13:30ish one of the staff - a very cute and curvy Asian girl - come out to the kiosk and had a look, and good thing I looked she looked in to see what to get she stood up on her tippytoes (cute enough), then her flats slid off her little feet - I LOVE girls that do heelpopping!!
Her feet looked so beautiful, soft, smooth and I could only imagine very ticklish ;)
But its the heelpopping that drove me wild - so gorgeous and sexy!!

You had to be there, my friends - I wish I took a picture (THATS how close I was! :( )

Girls, you have beautiful bare feet when you tippytoe and they look even SEXIER when you heelpop too! ;)
I watch a tv show called Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners on channel 4, the first clean-freak on tonight's (01/09/15) was a very pretty blonde called Carly; MY GOD, does she have sexy bare feet?! And to top it off they had the camera at ground level, they showed her standing on her tiptoes!
I loved that :D
Thank you, Carly - your bare feet look so gorgeous, soft and smooth! Hehe
I dunno what it might mean..........

Sometimes I have this strange dream (every dream is a different scenario, but the end is always the same) -
I am running, whether its after someone or away from something I'm not always certain, and in the dream I make a leap for a wall or a ledge; I get hold of the wall/ledge, clamber my way up, and then I rest my arms at the top of it, then let my lower body and legs dangle freely. For example, the most recent one I had, the floor was tilting, had to make a jump and caught the edge at the top as it tilted. Same positioning too!

Now, as I said earlier, the same thing usually happens............................I ......well, not to sound horrible etc, ejaculate..... :/ reason, dunno why, dunno what for, but it must feel good to me in the dream!

Then I wake up.

Does anyone else have strange dreams?!
On my way home on 15/05/14 as I crossed a set of lights I noticed a very pretty girl on a bicycle standing on tiptoes and her little pumps popping off her super-cute bare feet! She had BEAUTIFUL soft-looking soles - just wish I had taken a sneaky pic since she was just standing in the pose for a good few minutes before the traffic lights changed to green!

Oh well, thats what memories are for! ;) Hehe
Wondering if any of you can possibly help me out?

I found one of my favourite pics from a few years ago:…

Would anyone happen to know the name of this artist? He/she is very talented and they do some beautifully ticklish pics! ;)

Thank you if you can help me out here, freinds
Just wanted to say happy new year to my fellow deviants, followers and those I am following :) Here's to 2014!!
I have recently discovered an artist known by the alias "Velly-Z" who creates some BRILLIANTLY sexy tickling cartoons, the character(s) used have gorgeous bodies; my query though - if anyone can help - is apart from the Tickling Media Forum (TMF) are there other sites, or does Velly-Z have a website, that I could find more on this exceptional artist?

Thank you, freinds :)  
As I have said on many occasions I love and adore girls that stand on tiptoes - it really drives me NUTS when I see girls standing on theier beautiful tiptoes, I just wish I could stroke them to feel how soft and smooth they are. You girls do have sexy bare feet and when you stand on tiptoes it looks absolutely sexier ;)

I think it is a tie however over which is sexier; barefoot and standing on tiptoes or standing on tiptoes in flip flops? Lol

Any fellas out there have any opinions or preferences? :D
I am a tickler - I love to tickle my gf (she doesn't like it that much really lol). However my favourite form(s) of tickle torture are tentacles, vines and feathers - some pics feature combo's of these ;)
The tentacles/vines are best I feel because when you look at the pics they can get EVERYWHERE for increased and intense ticklish pleasure ;) hehe
Anyone else share my love of tentacular tickling or is it just a personal preferrance? ;)
I was on a bus a few weeks ago - right up front so I can watch the journey - and I saw a very pretty girl on a push bike pedalling with her tiptoes. She had lovely-looking bare feet (this is true) as she was riding along. Its a shame buses can't just keep going because it had to stop for other passengers :/ Still a nice journey and that kind girl :D showing off her cute soles really made my day hehe
I don't know what it is about a girl on her tiptoes that I find really sexy - its just something I love!
Girls bare feet are the best by far and when I catch a glimpse or even get a good long look at that beautiful pair of sexy, soft, smooth soles I get a nice warm feeling inside & I think thats the most beautiful sight and it makes my day! :D
A freind of mine in particular has got sexy tiptoes, she little feet are SO cute and when she reaches up into a cupboard or something I think "God, I wish you would let me stroke your smooth tiptoes!"

I love keeping an eye out for pics of girls on tiptoes, and I find some pretty sexy ones too (some are in my album 'Sexy Tiptoes') - even if its in cartoon form too lol.
-PLEASE OBSERVE- To any of the Deviants I have borrowed pics from & put in my favourites folder I'd like to say I do so because I think the model is very beautiful, or if it is a cartoon pic its because I think the work is nicely done; I only select the ones I see as 'tasteful', but I'd like to say that if you would rather I didn't have them please ask me to delete them do not just block me!

If any offence has been created then I offer my sincerest apologies.

Your work is great, please keep providing those great pics :)

Much love :D